About Ambre Stone

We are a small, friendly team dedicated to giving time and energy to people that need special care and assistance to live the life they deserve. We are devoted to support and encourage, step by step alongside the clinicians, care teams, parents, relatives and friends who have already given so much and equip them to provide better solutions, providing 24/7, holistic postural care.

We are all on a journey, learning skill, patience, care, and devotion, and we want to be part of the excellent team who make a positive contribution to these special people’s lives.

Our Team

Fourteen years ago our life took a change of direction. We emerged from behind a desk to face the big wide world of care.

With only limited knowledge we began a journey to provide care equipment into the many differing avenues of the care sector, from the small private care homes, into new luxury purpose built care centres, along the corridors of hospitals and the calm retreats of hospices.

What did we find? So many unselfish devoted people, all with the same goal in mind. To make someone else have the chance to live a better life. So many selfless persons, giving their time, energy and love to ensure that the people that are in need, are given the chance they deserve.

Often giving far beyond the call of duty, maybe unnoticed or unrewarded. But still going forward day after day giving hope to someone else.

So what could we do? Help, support, encourage, approach with a view to serve these devoted people and to provide ways in which they can continue to give.

How could we do it? Step by step. Saving money doesn’t always save money! It can cost far more in time, inefficiency, loss of productivity, more care staff needed and maybe the person not cared for in the most appropriate way.

So what are we doing? Trying to learn every day, skill, patience, devotion. Looking to provide the better care equipment solutions. Solutions that work for the person in need and the team providing for the need. Learning to listen (not just hear) to the words of the person, the care staff, family, friends.

Why? To be included among those who have made a small positive contribution to someone in need.

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formerly named as “Lindale Healthcare” – “An Outlook of Care”. The company was named “Ambre-Stone Ltd” – “because you are unique” in 2018. All Staff remain within the company.