Aqua Slings

#HottestDayOfTheYear : 25 July 2019

As temperatures soar across the UK, #poolsafety is paramount in the minds of parents, clinicians and care teams.

Ambre-stone Ltd can assist with your Aqua Sling requirements.

The Silvalea flotation Sling was designed and developed to allow even the severely disabled to become familiar within a water environment. Whether in a swimming pool or hydrotherapy pool, the flotation sling reduces handling needs whilst fully supporting the user in the water. The sling is constructed to provide maximum buoyancy, security and support to a user in a horizontal position.

The benefits of hydro, or aquatic therapy have long been understood for both rehabilitation, physical strengthening and sensory stimulation.

The Silva Flotation Sling allows the therapist/caregiver to gently maneuver the end user through the water in a controlled way building confidence in the end user. 

Featuring a foam neck roll for additional buoyancy to support the end users head, waist support with connecting groin strap for additional client security and soft padded roll at the base of the sling aids user comfort.

A specialist hydrotherapy swimming buoyancy aid such as this flotation sling should not be used without a full risk assessment and whilst it can be used to transfer an end user into and out of a pool it should only be used with an approved pool or wet environment hoist.

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