#ChangingPlaces Awareness Day

International Changing Places Awareness Day – July 19th

19th July 2019 marks the internationally recognised Changing Places Awareness Day. 

Today is a chance to celebrate all that has been achieved and the positive difference #ChangingPlaces makes to people’s lives.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to raise more awareness around the initiative and get excited for continued progression in the coming years.

1331 Changing Places available across the UK

Sometimes you just need to change one thing to open up a world of possibility…

Many people don’t give visiting public buildings a second thought. But some disabled people are unable to take part in activities many take for granted because standard accessible toilets do not meet their needs – or the needs of their carers and families. Imagine having to change your loved one or someone you care for on a public toilet floor. This just isn’t acceptable. But it’s a reality many have to face daily because they have no choice. With access to a Changing Places toilet, which has a changing bench, hoist, peninsular toilet and plenty of space, all of that changes. That’s why we need more Changing Places toilets right across the UK. Raise awareness today. 

Fill out a #ChangingPlaces pledge card and let everyone know what these special bathrooms mean to you! 

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