Welcome to ambreX

Ambre-stone understands the “unknown quantity” that many users, parents, clinicians and care teams face when sourcing the right equipment for care of lesser abled persons.

The ambreX is a unique process providing individually tailored outcomes for both user and carer alike. 

Our team will assist you through the following route to ensure you are provided the support you deserve.

ambreX Assessment

Our internal team start the ambreX journey by learning about the user, understanding medical history, previous equipment uses, current day challenges, requirements and needs. 

This report is passed to one of our highly trained and knowledgeable Assessors and a personalised appointment is created for one of our Assessors to meet with the user and/or care teams.

During an appraisal appointment, our Assessor discusses the needs and requirements, has a range of products to trial, and makes recommendations of products that are suited to provide the best result for users and care teams

We are specialists in providing tailored solutions and can adapt most of the equipment we supply to suit the individual needs required, in fact we love to do this because care equipment is just not a ‘one size fits all’.

ambreX Quotation

Ambre-stone recognises your time pressures and are committed to providing itemised proposals within 24 hours of the ambreX Assessment completing.

At this stage in your ambreX journey, our internal teams will assist to ensure that any exemption requirements and other forms are completed to allow for quick, timely delivery once your order is placed

ambreX Delivery & Installation

Many of our consumable items are available for delivery within 1-2 day of receiving your order.

Our team of highly experienced engineers are available to install equipment and train key personnel to be able to do the same.  We will communicate delivery options for all bespoke products throughout your ambreX journey.  This includes arranging a suitable time for our Assessors to meet you on site for product installation set up and training for the user and/or care team, if required

ambreX Aftercare

At Ambre-stone, aftercare is more than just a word.  Having begun your ambreX journey, you immediately enter ongoing support & service for both products and carer team training alike.

Our team of highly experienced engineers will also provide moving and handling advice, technical support and equipment training; giving you the confidence that those using the equipment, can do efficiently and safely.

To ensure the equipment remains serviceable and in safe working condition, Ambre-stone offer an extensive range of servicing and repair solutions