CBIT In Hand

CBIT In Hand is the first ever digital health intervention for families affected by Childhood [...]

New partnership announcement and a new range available in 2023

Ambre-stone Ltd is working hand in hand with Pro-medicare and Ian Deumayne-Jones of Domestic Mobility [...]

Initial Advice Consultations

Ambre-stone provide initial advice consulations Do you or someone in your care need support, assistance, [...]

#ChangingPlaces Awareness Day

International Changing Places Awareness Day – July 19th 19th July 2019 marks the internationally recognised [...]

Lay On Your Side In Comfort Today…

Say goodbye to patients with pressure sores that have been lying for long periods of [...]

You Care – We Care – Our Solutions!

The whole team at Ambre-Stone are here to help and support you, what-ever your profession, [...]

Selecting A Toileting Sling – Important Points To Consider!

Design is important with any sling but particularly with a toileting/commode (or hygiene) sling. Some [...]

FAQ’s – Sertain Critical Care Seating

We keep a record of Frequently Asked Questions here at Care-Med and share them with customers to [...]

Silva Balance Patient Sling – Product Feature Update

Have you ever met a client or deal directly with a patient that has been [...]