Soft Tilt Positioning System

The Invacare Soft Tilt is a unique and innovative new system designed to automatically reposition patients, as well as supporting care staff with daily moving and handling procedures.
Ambre-stone Ltd consider it a great privilege to be the first distributor to deliver an Invacare Soft Tilt to a client.

Soft Tilt can be easily installed on to the Invacare SB® 755 mattress platform, and will work in conjunction with the beds existing profiling movements and mattress.

• Automated pressure relief
• Optimised for single carer working
• Enhanced patient and carer comfort

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What is it?

The Invacare Soft Tilt is a unique and innovative in-bed system designed to automatically reposition patients for pressure ulcer prevention, as well as support families and carers with daily moving and handling tasks, such as sling application and transfers into and out of bed.

Automated pressure relief – The Soft Tilt can be programmed to gently turn patients at various intervals and position them at different angles throughout the night; relieving pressure and reducing the risk of pressure ulcer development. The automated repositioning feature reduces the number of night time visits from care staff, allowing for a more peaceful and undisturbed night sleep for the patient.

Single carer working – Ideal for single carer working environments, the Soft Tilt can also be used manually by care staff to give full access for sling application, glide sheets and personal care. Furthermore, the Soft Tilt can be used in conjunction with the beds profiling mechanism to allow care staff to safely transfer patients in and out of bed – with minimal effort, protecting carers from potential back injury, which can be caused through moving and handling

Key Features

Automated Pressure Relief

The Soft Tilt can be programmed to automatically turn patients at various intervals and angles throughout the night; relieving pressure and preventing the development of pressure ulcers. When operating automatically, the wings will never elevate higher than 30° to ensure optimal safety and comfort whilst the patient is sleeping.

Single Carer Working

The Soft Tilt can be operated manually by a carer, making it ideal for moving and handling within single carer working environments. The easy to use hand control allows the carer to elevate the wings to up to 60°, giving full access for sling application, glide sheets and personal care. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with the beds profiling movements, the Soft Tilt allows the carer to safely transfer the patient in and out of bed – into a standing position – with minimal effort, protecting the carer from potential back injury

Enhanced Patient & Care Comfort

Thanks to the silent, gentle and automated movements of the Soft Tilt, patients can enjoy a more peaceful, undisturbed sleep. Moreover, carers benefit from a more comfortable working environment and avoid the risk of back injury, normally caused when moving and handling.

Features & Options


Works in combination with the beds profiling movements to ensure comfortable positioning of the patient as well as supporting with transfers.

Comfortable, Automated Pressure Relief

When operating automatically, the secondary wing will elevate slightly to offer additional support and comfort for the patient. Once the patient reaches the desired position, the secondary wing will return to a horizontal position.

Manual Operation

When operated manually with the handset, the wings can be elevated to 60° for moving and handling purposes, such as personal care and sling application.

Programmable Control Box

The easy to use control box comes with one preset program (auto) and two customisable programs to suit individual user requirements.Once programmed, automated movements can be activated at the touch of a button.

Cradling for Comfort

Soft Tilt can be programmed to turn the patient gently from side to side when both wings are elevated.

Intuitive Handset

Clear and easy to use handset for manual use.


Blue cover with elastic straps helps keep the mattress in place. Machine washable up to 80 degrees.


  • Max Angle in Manual Mode: 60
  • Max Angle in Automated Mode: 30°
  • Time Values in Automated Mode: 0-180 minutes
  • Max User Weight: 165kg – SWL 185kg
  • Heaviest Part of Soft Tilt: 15kg
  • Cover Washable: 80°

Happy Customers

Bathing Cradle Review

Hi Andrew

We have had a really exciting day today: our pupil has tried the Shower Cradle in the pool and it is absolutely amazing!! We set it up this morning with the rolls and headrest ect and the pupil has just been in the water independently for the first time with the TA beside and not needing to hold on to support at all.

we have shown it to lots of staff and will now start assessing other pupils to see how many more would benefit from using the cradle. it is so adaptable with the adjustable mesh/tilt feature and the different loops to hoist it into the water and it will make such a difference to our less mobile pupils.

Parent of Blind 10yo Child

“Being 10yrs old, blind unable to talk or walk would be enough to moan about for most…yet our daughter didn’t moan…until we got the Durance Junior chair.!!

She loves it so much that unless we get her out of her wheelchair, after school or hospital trips and into her comfy Durance Junior she wont stop moaning…she loves it.

Great personalised service were the customers needs are put first…Many other companies would do well to learn from Andrew at ambre-stone”

Team Lead for Children’s Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

I have just been sent the most wonderful photo of ………  in her Durance chair.  Her mum is thrilled that …….. is finally comfortable.

Many thanks.  Sorry I cannot share this photo with you but take it from me she looks fab.

Good job!

Professional Occupational Therapist

Using The Hugga system has resulted in demonstrable and measurable clinical improvements, protection or maintenance of body shape for my clients. A highly effective solution to postural care.

General Manager, Barchester Care Home

Having worked with Andrew providing care equipment support over a long period, I can share my appreciation of the genuine way he looks after his customers and clients a like. Someone who I have been happy to trust.

Critical Patient Carer, Hospital – Birmingham

The chairs are light and easy to move, meaning that they can be quickly manoeuvred to reach the patients who need them the most, and are ideally suited to the fast-paced Critical Care environment. Great service – thanks!

Manager, Assisted Living Centre

I find Ambre-Stone Healthcare very professional and competent with our patients, assessing their needs with our therapists – so correct equipment is put in place at all times.

Very reliable, knowledgeable about equipment helpful and most of all very friendly!


Matron, NHS Hospital

I would just like to say that the service we receive from Andrew Smith at Ambre-Stone is excellent. He always rises to any challenge we set him.  I know I can ring him at a moment’s notice if a piece of equipment needs attention.

Patient Carer, Barchester Care Home

The guys at AmbreStone Healthcare Equipment always give excellent advice and from there years of knowledge in the healthcare industry, they give efficient professional service.