Slings & Harnesses 

Slings and Harnesses are a valuable part of moving and handling equipment. As there are many different types of slings and harnesses available, we can work together to find the ones best suited to you and your lifestyle. Whether it’s for bathing, standing, toileting or transferring having the right sling shape and size is very important for your safety, comfort and wellbeing.

Comfort and safety are so important, as being hoisted often causes anxiety, the user must feel the assurance of their safety and feel comfortable to reduce this. There are ways to help with this including fabric choice, sling shape and size, lap or chest belts, hip tapes, head support and the personal reassurance given to the user while being hoisted.

The two lifting types for slings are Loops for the coat hanger type spreader bar or clip fixing which attach to the studs on a pivoting frame, though generally Loop Fixing Slings offer a much wider choice of solutions. Manually lifted slings (or dual manual and hoist) are also available.

The right sling can transform the life of the person who uses it. With the varied and often complex needs, we offer sling assessments both face to face and virtually and recommend the involvement of a qualified clinician.

Together with the care teams parents, clinician and all involved in care, the better outcome is more easily achieved. From these assessment visits specially designed (bespoke) slings can be made to ensure this outcome.