HydroTilt Chair

The Careflex HydroTilt chair provides All-Round Support, while accommodating for posture, pressure
and comfort management – now with padded, angle adjustable, flip-up footplate.

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What is it?

The HydroTilt is an accommodating all-round chair for posture, pressure and comfort management in equal measure. It is suitable for a wide range of seating needs, in all care environments. It is a well-thought out, effective design which is simple to use and virtually problem free.


Product Details

Tilt-in-Space (TiS)

Easily change the reclining angle of the chair seat & back without adjusting the user’s hip and knee angle.

Braked Castors & Swivel Castors

The castors have sealed bearing hubs for enhanced durability and smoother manoeuvrability.

Supporting Back-Rest

The backrest delivers pressure relief and long-term comfort by offering simple conforming support.

Elevating Legrest

Adjustable legrest to provide pressure relief for the legs.


Tilt-in-Space (TiS)

Allows you to change the reclining angle of the chair seat and back without adjusting the user’s hip and knee angle.


The backrest delivers pressure relief and long-term comfort by offering simple conforming support to the lower back whilst the user is sitting upright and in a tilted position.

Adjustable Seat Depth

To maximise the performance of the WaterCell back, the seat depth can be easily adjusted to ensure the user’s pelvis stays right back in the seat, correctly aligned and not tilting into a sacral sitting posture.

Maximum Pressure Relief

The seat cushion uses CareFlex WaterCell Technology® and Vapour Permeable (VP) upholstery, which work synergistically to provide continuous pressure relief.

Wooden or Soft Hand Grips

Wooden hand grips are solid enough to support the user as they rise to standing. Soft hand grips are an alternative option and consist of an upholstered foam pad fitted in the same position.

Independently Elevating Legrest

Reflexions Foam® is incorporated in the legrest to provide pressure relief for the legs. It allows the sitting position to be adjusted throughout the day for different activities.

Loose Covers

For multi-user adaptability.

Flip-up Footplate

The flip-up angle adjustable footplate accommodates fixed angles of plantarflexion at the ankle, and provides a more restful ankle position whilst supporting the foot.

2 Braked Castors & 2 Swivel Castors

The castors have sealed bearing hubs for enhanced durability and smoother manoeuvrability. The two rear castors have a full brake to stop rolling. With the brakes applied, the user can confidently transfer from the chair without fear of the chair moving.

25° Negative Angle*

The leg rest now has a 25˚ negative angle to facilitate standing. It also offers a more comfortable seating position for clients with tight hamstrings. *Medium size only at present.


Pelvic Belt

A simple webbing belt ideal for use during portering.

Padded Pelvic Belt

Maintains pelvic position. Padded for user comfort.

4-Point Padded Pelvic Belt

Four straps control pelvic position for maximum stability. Padded for user comfort.

Groin Harness

A positioning aid to provide maximum pelvic control and prevent the user from sliding forward in the seat.

Chest Harness

Gives comfort and support without restricting active positioning.

Sternum Harness

Provides greater upper trunk stability but allows for user movement.

Foam Headrest

Available in shallow, medium and deep, providing basic lateral head control.

Neck Headrest

Has a deep profile to give greater lateral control.

Soft Headrest

A comfortable rectangular pillow, available in shallow and deep.

Soft Profiled Headrest

A contoured pillow to fit shoulders, neck and head providing a supportive head position.

Soft Pillow Headrest

A deep, ultra soft pillow that conforms to the shape of head and shoulders providing a higher level of comfort.

InLine Headrest

Memory Foam lining providing full cranial support with cut-away sides for unobstructed sight and hearing.

Contoured Back

Provides gentle lateral support for the upper trunk. Centralises the posture with contoured pads but allows movement.

Waterfall Back

Consists of 2 lumbar cushions and a head cushion which accommodates posture and manages pressure with comfort.

Adjustable Laterals

Prescriptive thoracic control with independent height and width adjustment. Comes in one size and shape.

Lateral Blockers

L-shaped pads to provide simple lateral support.

Assurance Arms

Arm covers wrap around the front of the chair sides to prevent picking of the arm seams.

Arms (Extra Pair)

The arm cushions are interchangeable allowing the seat width to be adjusted.


A plastic tray with low profiled edges to aid activities and leisure.


Supports the whole knee preventing legs from pinching together.

Seat Wedge

Creates an acute hip angle to keep the pelvis in the back of the seat.

Channel Legrest

Helps centralise leg position.

Legrest Extension

Used to increase the length of the legrest once elevated. For those with longer legs and if foot support is not required.

Padded Footplate

Attaches to the legrest once elevated to support feet and prevent toe drop. Can be height adjusted.

Detachable Footplate Pad

To provide greater comfort. Attaches to the footplate.

Angle Adjustable Footplate

30° range of angle adjustment to support the foot and ankle helping to stabilise the seating position.

Detachable Angle Adjustable Footplate Pad

To provide greater comfort or for shorter leg length. Attaches to the angle adjustable footplate.

Chair Protector

Fits over the seat, arms and lower back. Prevents contamination and stops debris getting trapped in the moving parts of the chair.

Manual or Motorised

Chair functions can be operated by manual gas action control or battery controlled motors.

Motorised AutoTilt

Allows TiS to be adjusted automatically over a short or long cycle.

Infection Control Strips

Ideal on hospital wards or wherever attention to infection control is critical. We have removed Velcro in all exposed areas and use plastic profile fittings and zips. We have also minimised exposed seams on the covers, ie; the leg rest cover has no seam across the front. These issues may be key to obtain funding.

Technical details

Client Groups

  • Semi-ambulant and non-ambulant
  • Frail and eldery
  • Neurological conditions
    (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease)
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Orthopaedic conditions

Size Options

    • Mini: Internal Seat Width: 280/330/380/430mm
    • Small: Internal Seat Width:
    • Small/Mini: Maximum User Weight: 75kg


  • Medium: Internal Seat Width:
  • Large: Internal Seat Width:
  • Medium/Large: Maximum User Weight: 160kg


Product Testing

When we develop a new chair, we carry out extensive user trials to ensure it works safely, easily and logically. Our chairs are also tested by an internationally recognised test house for strength, stability and durability.

The CareFlex Testing Process:

Stage 1

The testing starts as soon as the chair is taken out of the box. Our User Instructions are
assessed to see how well the chair can be set up and used safely. The chair is checked over
for pinch points and finger traps to safeguard against injury.

Then the heavy stuff starts…

Stage 2

This is a three-part process which involves checking the chair for stability, durability and
resistance to impact.

1. Stability tests check that the chair will not tip over in day-to-day use. The chair is tested
under extreme conditions, such as with the legrest fully elevated and the back fully tilted
or reclined before maximum user weight loads are applied.

The chair must remain stable throughout these tests.

2. Durability tests replicate years of constant use. They help to measure what effect fatigue can
have on the structure and operation of the chair. Because specific standards relate to use in
different environments, for example high wear areas such as nursing homes, the testing
machine applies up to 200,000 maximum user weight loading cycles to the seat and back.

3. Resistance tests focus on the structure of the chair. Each chair is tested for strength, the
ability to resist impact and extreme exerted forces to the arms, seat, legrest and back.

In addition to strength, stability and durability tests, the components and materials used in our
chairs are monitored so that they comply with the relevant standards for fire retardancy,
biocompatibility and safety requirements for electrical components used in medical devices.

Once our chairs have passed these tests, we can be confident that with the right care and
maintenance they will provide years of trouble-free service.

Environments of Use

  • Domestic and homecare
  • Nursing and residential homes
  • Hospital wards
  • Hospices and respite care
  • Paediatric units and schools

Colour Outer

Colour Skin Contact Area

How To Videos

Introducing the HydroTilt


HydroTilt Serial Number Location


HydroTilt Tilt in Space Function


HydroTilt Footplate


HydroTilt Adjusting Leg Rest


HydroTilt Adjusting Leg Rest Length


HydroTilt Adjusting Seat Width


HydroTilt Adjusting Seat Depth


HydroTilt Head Rests

Happy Customers

Bathing Cradle Review

Hi Andrew

We have had a really exciting day today: our pupil has tried the Shower Cradle in the pool and it is absolutely amazing!! We set it up this morning with the rolls and headrest ect and the pupil has just been in the water independently for the first time with the TA beside and not needing to hold on to support at all.

we have shown it to lots of staff and will now start assessing other pupils to see how many more would benefit from using the cradle. it is so adaptable with the adjustable mesh/tilt feature and the different loops to hoist it into the water and it will make such a difference to our less mobile pupils.

Parent of Blind 10yo Child

“Being 10yrs old, blind unable to talk or walk would be enough to moan about for most…yet our daughter didn’t moan…until we got the Durance Junior chair.!!

She loves it so much that unless we get her out of her wheelchair, after school or hospital trips and into her comfy Durance Junior she wont stop moaning…she loves it.

Great personalised service were the customers needs are put first…Many other companies would do well to learn from Andrew at ambre-stone”

Team Lead for Children’s Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

I have just been sent the most wonderful photo of ………  in her Durance chair.  Her mum is thrilled that …….. is finally comfortable.

Many thanks.  Sorry I cannot share this photo with you but take it from me she looks fab.

Good job!

Professional Occupational Therapist

Using The Hugga system has resulted in demonstrable and measurable clinical improvements, protection or maintenance of body shape for my clients. A highly effective solution to postural care.

General Manager, Barchester Care Home

Having worked with Andrew providing care equipment support over a long period, I can share my appreciation of the genuine way he looks after his customers and clients a like. Someone who I have been happy to trust.

Critical Patient Carer, Hospital – Birmingham

The chairs are light and easy to move, meaning that they can be quickly manoeuvred to reach the patients who need them the most, and are ideally suited to the fast-paced Critical Care environment. Great service – thanks!

Manager, Assisted Living Centre

I find Ambre-Stone Healthcare very professional and competent with our patients, assessing their needs with our therapists – so correct equipment is put in place at all times.

Very reliable, knowledgeable about equipment helpful and most of all very friendly!


Matron, NHS Hospital

I would just like to say that the service we receive from Andrew Smith at Ambre-Stone is excellent. He always rises to any challenge we set him.  I know I can ring him at a moment’s notice if a piece of equipment needs attention.

Patient Carer, Barchester Care Home

The guys at AmbreStone Healthcare Equipment always give excellent advice and from there years of knowledge in the healthcare industry, they give efficient professional service.